Home, Sweet, Home

Hey y'all! It's been a little crazy in our neck of the woods lately so bear with me while I try to play catch up for you!

First of all, we've finally moved everything into our new house.  We were able to have our closing on July 12 and then slowly moved everything over to our new place for the next two weeks.  All the while we both worked and Baron had to go out of town for a whole week...but we've finally moved everything and have a couch ordered and on the way!

Closing Day, and just like *that* we're homeowners!

Only Baron and I would choose the hottest weekend of the year to move!

The thing I was most excited about was having a fence for these 2 monsters, this was their first day in our new yard!

Y'all we have the bare minimum for furniture right now. Two chairs to sit on in our living room and a bed to sleep in. Also some barstools. So we have a place to eat dinner and a place to sleep, what else do you need?! We have a couch and a breakfast table on the way.  I can't wait to sit next to my husband and watch TV, ahhhh, the little things! The list of "Things to do for the House" is pages long but we're just trying to prioritize and check things off the list little by little.

My parents were supposed to come visit last weekend but unfortunately the week before held bad news for my family.  My Grandma was diagnosed with lung cancer on Monday of last week, had surgery on Tuesday and on Wednesday was given a very grim prognosis.  I flew home on Wednesday for a couple of days to be with my Grandma and help my Mom while they were staying in the hospital.  My Grandma has decided to move forward with chemotherapy and radiation which started yesterday.  Like any family,  we have certain dynamics that don't necessarily help any of this news.  Please keep my Grandma in your prayers as well as my family in Florida who are trying to help her as much as possible. It's very hard to be so far away while my family is going through a tough time.

Our schedules have been so busy lately, we are enjoying being able to walk around the neighborhood in the evening and just breathe.  I'm trying to remind myself that everything doesn't have to be done right away and if it takes 5 years to get our house put together, that it's okay, and to remind myself of what's most important in my life and not stress about the other stuff.  Trying is the key word. 

Hope you all have a great week!