Catch Up!!

Sorry faithful readers, i.e. Mom and Mom in Law ;) for being MIA.  Seems like nothing exciting was going on until something exciting was going on!  My friend Ashley came for a visit last week!  She got here on Thursday and was able to stay until Monday.  We didn't do anything too exciting, but it was nice to have her here.  A taste of home :)   She brought her dog Sofie and it was SO cute to see how excited Macey was when Ashley and Sofie walked throught the door. 

We did the obligatory walk through the outdoor mall.  Definitely not as impressive as the Town Center in Jacksonville but every town center has to start somewhere, right?  It's been "unseasonably" hot here in Northern Alabama, so we didn't stay too long.

There are two dog parks that I know of here, and we wanted to take the dogs to one while Ashley was in town.  The one we chose wasn't really impressive.  Macey and Sofie were the only dogs there so it got old real fast, not to mention the fact that there wasn't a square foot of shade to be found.  The dog park was right next to a little creek and when we got close, Macey ran right for the water!  The water was crystal clear and cold.  It felt so good!  There were several other people and dogs playing in the water.  It was fun to let them swim for a while.  Macey loves swimming in lakes and ponds but that's kind of terrifying with the alligators all over Florida.

 We've added a new edition to our family. This is Max.  He's a Boston Terrier, born on Cinco de Mayo (neat fact: Macey's birthday is on Valentine's Day).  We brought him home on July 3rd and he weighed 4 and a half pounds.  Tiny!!

He's doing well with potty training, and knows how to sit and lay down already.  He's nine weeks old in these pictures. 

Macey is doing well with him.  The first day we brought him home she totally ignored him, but as I type this they are sleeping next to me on the couch just like this.

Precious! Macey loves having a sleeping buddy.

Not much else going on at the moment.  We continue to be busy getting our house settled and making it into a home.  I've been getting into the routine of going to the gym but slacked all last week because of the new puppy.  I got back on track today.  I've also been working on planning our meals out instead of every night at dinner time asking each other where we should pick up dinner.  We've done well the past two weeks.  I'm making dinner 4-5 nights a week and we're actually eating our leftovers! (I'm not very good at that!!)  Tonight's experiment was Gnocchi.  It took me every minute of two hours to make.  I didn't really like how it turned out but Baron liked it so a win in my book.  It will probably be a long time before I make it again though.  Sorry babe!

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Love your blog.

Hugs to you guys and the doggy kids.