He found the TP

We now have a new game in our house.  Max runs and grabs toilet paper and runs as fast as he can through the house with it.  I think we will quickly learn to keep all bathroom doors shut.  He is a mess!

Baron and I met with a realtor last night who we might potentially work with in the house building/buying process.  We were both a little leary because we found her just based on some random google searches but she was really knowledgable and had answers to all of our questions.  I felt really good about our meeting and right before we left I asked her how long she was in real estate.  She's only been doing it for a year.  That's the only thing that we kind of have a hang up about.  Other than that I think she would be a great resource for us.  Thoughts??

I think we both got excited yesterday.  It seemed real.  She asked us how long we'd like to be in the house that we buy/build and if we wanted to raise a family there.  I have to admit I have a lump in my throat thinking about whatever house we choose to build or buy is where our family will grow and we will raise our children.  Makes me a little mushy.

I had a little big struggle with Weight Watchers last week.  Baron was gone for work for several days and I didn't cook a thing.  Back on track today and ready to take on another week.

Happy Tuesday!

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Brittany said...

Your dog is too cute! :)