Random Thursday

- I got a permanent crown put in today.  I have met and exceeded my insurance coverage for dental visits for the year, super.  Crossing my fingers that I can stay away from the cute little dentist's office that I go to until after January 1!

- We have a Buyer's Agent! After sleeping on it, Baron and I both felt like working with Nicole was the right decision.  We are excited and can't wait to get started looking at houses.

- Max went to obedience class for the first time today.  He already knew all the material that we covered in class today (sit, down, come) which I'm hoping is why he acted like a complete ding dong during the class.  During any down time he would whine and bark at all the other dogs, yank on the leash, and just generally act like the Tazmanian Devil.  There's a reason we call him "Mad Max".

- In my last Weight Watcher's meeting someone had baked some 2 point chocolate chip cookies and brought them in as a "show and tell".  There was no showing about it, us Weight Watcher girls know how to eat.  2 points per cookie and they are pretty good!  They have about 4 different varieties but I figured you can't go wrong with chocolate chip.  Oh, and did I mention that they're break-n-bake? Heck yeah!

- Today is our Friday!  I know you're thinking, "You don't have a freaking job, what do you care anyway?!" but Baron's off work tomorrow which means no getting up early, no not seeing him all day, someone to help me take Max out 117 times a day, and being able to hang with my hubby all day, woohoo!

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