At 6 o'clock yesterday evening Baron and I signed a contract and put in an offer to build our first home!  We are so excited and trying to wait patiently to hear if our offer was accepted.  We should know something by noon today!

I don't have a ton of details to share at the moment other than we are trying to narrow down ideas for paint colors, cabinet colors, etc.  All of our decisions about things like that should be made before we break ground.  The lot is in the same neighborhood as mentioned in this post.  It is the same size and located near the back of the neighborhood on a road that shouldn't be a high traffic area.  Will will have neighbors behind us at somepoint, but luckily the houses aren't squared up directly behind one another so we won't be able to see what they're having for dinner every night.

The neighborhood is beautiful!  There is a huge lake very close by that has walking trails and bridges across the lake that I can't wait to take the dogs and future kids too!  It's in a great location (takes Baron about 15 minutes to get to work) and it's kind of off the beaten path, but within 5-10 minutes of "town".  We are just so excited!  We actually drove through the neighborhood back in April when we first came to Alabama to look for an apartment.  I specifically remember driving past the lake and through the neighborhood and we both commented that we'd love to live there one day.  Ahhh, here we are!

Side Note:  There is a man in his (I would guess) eighties who sits on his apartment balcony for most of the day just looking around.  Most of the time he's shirtless, haha!  He always says hello and ends of talking for a while so sometimes I try to avoid him if I'm in a hurry.  He lives with his son and daughter-in-law (I assume).
So yesterday when we pulled up to the model home in our new neighborhood, I saw a man and women that looked familiar but I couldn't place them.  While we were filling out paperwork, the builder's realtor said that someone else from our apartments just bought the model home!  Right then it clicked who they were!  The realtor said that they bought the model home because it had a front porch for their Dad to sit on.  We'll drive by that house every day! Thought it was kind of neat! 

Will post pictures of the building process along the way and more details later.  But we are so blessed and will be able to stay in this home for a long time. Plenty of room for kids and people to come and visit us!


Julie said...

WOW....Big Step....Congratulations.

Hope everything gets approved and you will soon be decorating to your hearts content.

Sabrina said...

I saw your post through someone else's and had to join just because I love Boston Terrier's as well. LOL! It sounds great regarding the new home. It's a great story especially the man with no shirt!!! so funny! Good Luck hope you get it.

Amberly Enich said...

YAYYYYYY!! Thats awesome and so exciting!!