Park City

Good Thursday morning everyone!  It's almost time for the weekend, yay!! 

Today I wan't to share some pictures from Park City with you.  Last week,  The Bachelor that aired was in Park City, how fun!  Of course it was probably filmed weeks ago when there wasn't a couple of feet of snow on the ground! 

Baron and I had wonderful intentions of driving to Park City (about 45 minutes from Salt Lake) and walking around through the quaint little ski resort town but after our treacherous drive there we were too scared to park anywhere, not to mention the sidewalks were all covered with snow and there were people everywhere!!  Apparently we made it to Park City just in time for the Sundance Film Festival.  Unfortunately there were no celebrity sightings :(

Yeah, we're not gonna be parking here
 We did manage to make it up a hill and find a place to park and get out to take pictures. Hope the neighbors didn't mind, they were probably out skiing anyway.  The slopes were packed!  We'll be brave and go skiing next time we visit.

We also stopped by the Olympic Training Center on our way out of town.  The 2002 Olympic Winter Games were held there too! It was a really neat facility and there weren't a lot of people there at all.  There were a few kids out on the slopes doing crazy big jumps, I'm talking like these kids were 6 years old!!

Ladies & Gentlemen, my husband's favorite sport

We both decided that we'd love to go back to Park City in the summertime and actually be able to walk around and see the city!! It was beautiful all covered in snow but for us Floridians Alabamians we just didn't have the appropriate footwear for it this time around.  We are religiously entering the HGTV Dream Home Sweepstakes every day in hopes of winning a vacation home in Park City though!!


Julie said...

Great pictures.

Did you catch the big snow chunk?

Jane said...

Lol I love that ginormous snowball! Very manly. It looks like a cute place. But, getting to actually walk around would be really nice too I'm sure. I can't believe it was 10 years ago that the winter Olympics were there! I feel like it just happened.

Liv Kit said...

Cute post! Lots of snow!!! Love your coat!

Cathy said...

I clicked over from Amanda's blog. I grew up in Auburn and I live in Utah now so it was fun to read this. I love the snow but we haven't had much this year. Glad you had a nice trip.