Grandma's Pennies

My Grandma Gloria, my Dad's mom, used to find money all the time.  And I'm not talking loose change on the ground, I'm talking ten dollar bills in the bushes on the way into a restaurant. All the time!

My Grandma passed away when I was twelve and I still miss her and think of her all the time.  Ever since she died I started finding pennies everywhere! It's funny because it seems that if I'm upset about something I almost always find a penny on the way to my car. I've found pennies on all of the important days of my life. My graduations, first day of college, nursing school interview, you know, the big days.  I was a little sad that I hadn't found a penny on my wedding day when my Aunt walked up to me while I was getting my hair done with a shiny penny in hand and said, "Look Brekke, Grandma's here."

Whew! She's approved ;)

In fact, as I walked out of the hospital after the interview for the job I start on Monday, I found a shiny Abe Lincoln in the revolving door of the hospital.  I almost lost a limb trying to pick it up!

I've kept my Grandma's pennies all these years except for one year when I was desperately trying to pay off my credit card and I knew Grandma wouldn't mind.  I never keep pennies that I get for change in my wallet because I don't want them to mix with my Grandma's pennies.  It's wierd, I accept it :)

I knew that I wanted to leave some of my pennies in the foundation of the house somewhere so that I knew that they were always close by if I didn't find one that day.  But where??  I thought long and hard and decided they'd be tossed into the back porch, that's where my Grandma always was anyways. 

About to go into the rubble in the back porch (they'll pour concrete over it at some point)

See 'em?? I'm hoping to be able to catch the wet concrete after they pour it and press one penny into it so there's always one I can see but who knows if I'll be able to catch it in time.  At least I know that they're there.


Julie said...

Very sweet idea.

lori said...

aww brekke, i love this!! soooo sweet. and such a great idea to put the pennies in the foundation of your house.

Jessica @ O. Alouette said...

This is so sweet! I really love that you keep all the pennies you find and that you found somewhere special to put them :)