Weekend Catch Up

Can it still be a "Weekend Catch Up" on Wednesday?? I feel a little late with this one but I'm gonna do it anyway. No rules, that's how I live ;)

My parents came into town late Friday afternoon and we went straight from the airport to Sonic to get fried pickles, duh!  They don't have them in Florida and Momma needed a snack!  Then we went and explored our house under construction and saw that they had dumped a bunch of gravel into our foundation footing and were ready to pour some concrete for the foundation! Hurray!

On Saturday we took my parents to the model home and let them see what our future house will look like.  It was a nice reminder for me because I haven't seen the model in months!  I still like it! :) 

I can't wait to be in this kitchen!

We showed them the sights and sounds of our city and spent some QT with the pups.  My Dad loves Boston Terriers and was in heaven. Max cried for a solid two hours when I came home alone after dropping my parents off at the airport.  I joined him for an hour or so ;)

Just look at the two of them :)

We had a mini crisis yesterday when we thought the builders had forgetten about our storm shelter.  They had poured the entire slab for our foundation but there was nothing sticking up for the storm shelter to tie to like we had been told.  When we came back later that evening they had cut out a portion of the concrete and poured new concrete with rebar sticking up to bolt the cinderblock walls of our storm shelter to. Whew! I'm still not sure if they forgot and our phone calls reminded them or if that's just how they do it.  Either way, we're getting our storm shelter!  I dare say that they will start framing our house today...we'll see this afternoon!

Baron with the rebar!

I was a terrible blogger and only busted out the camera once or twice...oops! Better next time, I promise! I don't think I got any pictures of my Momma.  Here's an older picture of my mom and I for good measure.  Getting ready for our wedding :)

Happy Hump Day friends! I'm savoring my last few days as an unemployed woman and dreading my full time, 8-5 orientation that takes place next week.  Ugh.  Nurses aren't supposed to work like that ;)  Can't wait to get to the three day a week stuff!


Julie said...

Glad you had a great visit with your folks. The pup pics are so adorable. How exciting about the house progress. Congratulations, again, on getting the job you wanted. YAY!!!

Valerie Griffin said...

awesome kitchen!

Meg {henninglove} said...

ooh building a house that is so awesome. and i love that kitchen seriously i really like it. my parents came in for a visit this weekend too and left today :-( i miss them already

Jane said...

Ahhh I can't wait for you to have that kitchen too! Beautiful. I'm a little ticked the Army doesn't give us a kitchen like that! haha It looks like you had such a fun visit with your parents!

lori said...

mmmm fried pickles :)

and that kitchen is gorgeous... so excited for you!!