Finding Furniture

Baron and I spent a lot of time looking at furniture this weekend.  I'm so overwhelmed at the thought of furnishing a whole house that sometimes I want to give up and live with the same furniture for the rest of my life! But persevere I will!

We found a few pieces for the living room that we really like and thanks to my smartypants husband we were able to draw it up as it would fit in our new house.  I think we're making progress in the living room.  I look at Pinterest all the time and am constantly seeing things that I love....just not so sure how to piece them together in my own place.

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I know it will all come together in time, I just feel like I have no clue where to start the search.  Do I find a rug that I love?  Or base all my decisions off of a TV console that we fell in love with this weekend?  Hmmm, what to do, what to do??
Hammary Furniture
Do any of y'all know of any websites or sources of great decorating ideas?  I'd love to have some more inspiration to pull from!

Other than the furniture shopping, we had a pretty low key weekend.  Baron had to work a little on both days but we did manage to go to PF Changs on Saturday to celebrate Baron's birthday!  Halfway through the meal we both decided we'd rather go to Panda Express.  Haha!  I guess Chinese food is Chinese food, period!  We never claimed to be high class folks!

Later y'all!                          


lori said...

id say for decorating, start with the expensive pieces that will last you a while... {couch in the living for instance}, then build around that. you can always make small chances {like throw pillows} later, but if you plan your room around a rug... and decide you don't like the rug later, then you will have to start from scratch again.

i'd also go to barnes and noble... and camp out for a while... they had some cool home inspiration books there today.

can't wait to see what you come up with :)

Vivian said...

Do you have a Costco near you? They always have furniture in late July, early August in their stores. They always have furniture on line and their quality and their prices can not be beat. Can not. Plus you can always go to an antique store to find really nice pieces to add to some modern ones. Mixing the periods always makes for an interesting look, when done properly! Antique furniture is a bargain when you look at the quality!