House Update

Greetings y'all! Hope this week finds you well, we're almost done! Hooray for Friday!

I haven't posted much about the house lately.  Everyone told me that once the drywall went up it would seem like they were moving at a snails pace.  I found that to be so true!  Sometimes we're going out to visit only once or twice a week.  Doesn't help that we've been really busy with work too. 

I went out to visit today and had to break in through a window! Apparently we've been locked out of our own house...bummer!  I was thrilled to see that we had cabinets installed!  The kitchen is what really sold me on the house and I love watching it take shape!

They've also started painting and have put up all the trim work.  I'm so excited to see the colors in real life!

The Office

Dining Room


Day by day we're getting closer and closer.  I still haven't really thought much about packing and moving because it still doesn't feel real.  I suppose I should get myself in gear!! 

Hope you all have a great week!


Julie said...

House is really taking shape and looking great. Have they given you any idea of a move in date, yet?

Rachel said...

So exciting!! It looks so great...I know you're so ready for it to be done! LOOOOVE that kitchen, I think that'd be my favorite part, too :)

Anonymous said...

Having worked at a construction company, there is a reason you're "locked out of your own house." It's for safety reasons, and I'm sure the builder wouldn't love to hear you broke in through a window. I've been wondering what their reaction has been as you say you've been visiting then contacting them about the "mistakes." That's every builder's worst nightmare.

agalandherdog said...

The cabinets are gorgeous and I love those ceilings! That's going to be a beautiful house!

Rachel Emma (Daydream Frenzy) said...

Looks great! Can't wait to see what it looks like when it's done! :)

daydream frenzy