Our New Place

So we've been here a week now.  Things are starting to finally fit into place.  Our choatic apartment is starting to feel like home.  Macey has stopped shaking constantly and we are finally remembering where we put things.

Our kitchen. I love our kitchen!! There is so much room in this bad boy.  By far the biggest kitchen in any of the apartments that we looked at. 

 Our back porch with plants...we'll see how long they last!

 Our new bed and makeshift headboard.  We didn't want to buy new furniture other than the basics (like a bed!) because we don't plan on being in this apartment for too long.  We were looking for something to act as a decorative/headboard something-or-other and found this for cheap @ Old Time Pottery.  My sweet husband didn't mind the sparkles and hung it up for me :)

 Something we discovered just last night.  There is red clay in Alabama. Super.

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