Why hello there!

So I created this blog as a way to keep in touch with family and friends.  I just got married in May to my dream come true and part of the "package" included relocating to Alabama for my husband's new job.  While I will miss my family, friends, and work, I am so excited to begin this new journey of ours!

So when you google "how to start a blog" one of the first tips is to find something to dedicate your blog to...something you're passionate about, something you're good at, or at least something you have opinions about. Well folks, I guess I'm just not that interesting.  I could write about my love for Target, Diet Coke, my dog Macey, or getting my nails done but who wants to read that?  So I guess I'll just ramble and hope that someone wants to read about it (Hi Mom!!)

We just got married...that's Baron.

This is my dog, Macey.  Stats: 3 years old, Boston Terrier, lover of cookies.

Our first family picture :)  First day in our new apartment in Alabama.

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Julie said...

Great idea. You are so talented.

Looking forward to following.