Weekend Recap

We had a busy weekend!  It started at 8am, Saturday, when the dogs decided they were done sleeping.  Can't complain though, Max has been sleeping all night for the past week.  We wanted to go to the Farmer's Market in town and buy some produce and Saturday was overcast so it was cooler than it has been lately.  It's insane how many onions, bell peppers, and tomatoes that we go through now that I'm trying to cook more, so we figured the Farmer's Market would be fun.

It was a lot smaller than we expected but they had a little bit of everything.  Homeade baked goods, salsa, cheese, fresh eggs and tons of fruits and vegetables.  I got all this for $8 bucks!!

The big saucer shaped white thing in the center is called a "Patty-Pan Squash".  We sampled some that was grilled and it was really good.  It's similiar to a spaghetti squash, should be interesting!  And those are banana peppers in the back.  I didn't know until last night that there was such a thing as spicy banana peppers.  I chopped one up and put it on our salads.  Baron was the guinea pig and was sniffling and sweating within a minute or so of eating one.  Oops!  I must've gotten the juice from them on my fingers while cutting them, and even though I washed my hands like 20 times it still got in my eyes when I took my eye makeup off last night.  Oh. my. word.  Holy fire eyes!!  That's the last time we'll buy banana peppers.

We came home and spent some time with the dogs.  Max is doing great with potty training! Two days with no accidents!  A while ago Baron got a BOGO deal on tickets for the Botanical Gardens so we decided to try it out.  It was still overcast, hot, but not nearly as hot as it has been the rest of the week.  The gardens were really pretty, lots of things for kids to do and we even saw some wildlife. Lots of pics:

Petting a box turtle :)


Late last night Max was playing on the couch next to us.  He got startled by a noise and jumped, and fell right into the coffee table.  He was crying and running away from us.  Baron finally grabbed him and he calmed down but was still shaking and looked pathetic.  We put him on the ground and realized he couldn't walk on his back foot.  We gave him a few minutes, but he couldn't put any weight on it at all and when you touched it, it was completely limp.  We looked up the closest emergency vet and headed there.  They did an xray and determined that it was just a bad sprain.  He got some sedation and pain meds while we were there and some to take home with us.  The vet said to just let him be as active as he wants to be and don't try to push him or limit him at all.  Today he's been playing and moving around on 3 legs pretty well.  He's been  little more sleepy than normal but thankfully doesn't appear to be in any pain.  He broke my heart last night, it's horrible not to be able to make him feel better :(

Poor-sedated-baby can barely keep his eyes open :(
Today we've just layed low.  I don't think we got one single thing accomplished but that's okay, there's always tomorrow! :)  Max goes in for a regular vet appointment tomorrow afternoon, which will be nice to have a second opinion on his leg.  Hope our little boy will be okay.

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Julie said...

Great pictures.

Sounds like a good trip to the Farmer’s Market and the Botanical gardens.

Max is precious! Glad his foot is better.