1. My sweet puppies- They are constantly cuddling and napping. Love these babies.  Max is doing much better.  He's using his leg almost like normal and doesn't act like he's in any pain. 

2. Cooking- Not kidding folks!!  I made use of all the veggies we got at the Farmer's Market last night and made some baked chicken with zucchini, sliced up some tomatoes and roasted the patty-pan squash with a pinch of brown sugar, it was delicious and colorful! Yum!

3. Finding a great hair place-  I got a haircut yesterday and I'm excited to go back and see her to go even shorter!  Had to make sure I could trust the girl first! Please excuse the self portrait in the car shot, had to send a pic to some peeps for approval ;)

4. That I'm feeling better- I've had a weird abdominal pain thing going on since last week and decided to go see someone on Monday because it was getting worse.  Docta thinks I have an ulcer and hooked me up with some antacid meds that are the bomb! I feel so so much better after taking them for 2 days.  He did say I had to cut way back on Diet Coke, caffeine, and acidic foods for the next 2 weeks or so :(  I've been surviving on 1 can of crack Diet Coke a day. Ugh...it's not pretty!

5.  Visits from family-  Baron's mom is coming later today for a day or so.  She's on her way up to an air show in Wisconsin and making a pit stop here to see us.  Then next Thursday my mom is flying up and staying through the weekend!  It'll be so fun to have family here for a little while.  Macey will be so excited to see her Grandmas and I know they're excited to meet Max.

6. My husband-  It still feels a little crazy to say that.  Tomorrow we've been married for 2 months!  Time flies ;)  He is so good to me, not really sure how he puts up with all my craziness.  Let's face it, quitting your job, getting married, and moving to a new state all within 6 weeks would make any sane person crazy, but I may or may not have been firing on all cylinders before all that happened if ya-know-what-I-mean, haha!! Sometimes it's hard to be a girl.  Sometimes you just feel like crying and being in a funk.  Thankful that he puts up with me and knows how to make me feel better. <3
Us at Joe Nall RC Event- Greenville, SC- 1 week before our wedding 

What about you?  What are you loving on this Wednesday??


Jamie said...

Thanks for playing along!

Your haircut is very cute!

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Julie said...

Wednesdays and every other days........I am lovin' you guys and the 4legged kids.

Thanks for the great visit.