For the Birds

Some puppy snuggles to start off your Monday morning. Awwww!  The relationship that these two have has drastically changed over the last week or so.  They are constantly playing tug of war and wrestling.  I mean non stop.  At least they keep each other busy.  Any time they're not wrestling they curl up somewhere together for a nap.  It's pretty darn cute.  Max has been doing so well with potty training, no accidents in a long time and when he has to go he'll just walk over to the door and sit down and look at us.  At least we have some warning now, before he'd pop a squat in the middle of playing with something and there'd be no warning at all.

Baron's mom got to come up and spend a couple days with us last week.  Macey enjoyed having her here and Max enjoyed meeting one of his Grandma's.  We did the tour of our town and I took her to Big Spring Park during the day while Baron was a work.  Last time we went there were several sets of baby ducks but we could only find one little family this time.  There were a ton of geese, but they seemed a little perturbed that we were walking around on their sidewalk.

Nothing else too exciting going on here.  We had a laid back weekend but enjoyed spending time together.  Max's leg is pretty much healed and he's back to normal.  We're having some of Baron's friends over for dinner this week and then my mom's coming on Thursday!  I'm so so excited!  We don't have a lot planned while she's here but I'm sure we'll find some trouble to get in to :)

I joined Weight Watchers today, gonna start going to meetings too, you know, the whole shebang!  It's something that I've done before so I know I can again, just gonna take some work.  It's nice because I have plenty of time now for cooking, planning, and working out.  I found a meeting downtown, so I'll head there tomorrow to try it out.

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Anonymous said...

how precious are the puppies snuggling? too cute!