Happy Wednesday Morning!! Here's what I'm loving this week:

1. Saving $$$- I've been trying to be a little more conscious about my spending habits lately.  Several years ago I was a little reckless with my spending, it didn't help when Baron and I first started dating because we drove so much to see each other not to mention the wanting to look cute thing, which means I had to buy new outfits, jewelry, bags, etc.  Well by the time I realized that he was "the one" I had racked up some ugly credit card debt. It wasn't as much as some people walk around with but I can admit that even if I put 100% of my earnings towards paying it off it would take me more than a couple of months to do it.  I made a decision to get it paid off before we got married and it ended up being a race to the finish but I did it!  Since then I've been 10x more conscious of my spending habits and trying to make better decisions.  I've even started using coupons...the horror!! It hasn't been as difficult as I thought it would be and I've even gotten some things for free this week!  I got a bunch of handsoap, pens, and sharpies for free, not to mention the only money I've saved throughout the week.  And of course my responsible, money smart husband is proud :)

2. My mom is coming TOMORROW- Yay! I feel like I haven't seen her in a year!  Actually it's only been 7 weeks, and we used to go longer than that without seeing each other but I think the distance thing makes it feel like longer.  I'm excited to show her my new home and new puppy and get to spend some QT with her. Yay

3. Day #1 of Weight Watchers- Went to a meeting yesterday afternoon and got all the info I need to do this!  We had some of Baron's friends over for dinner last night and made this:  Zucchini & Bacon 3 Cheese Lasagn.  Yum!! A "last meal" of sorts :)  

4. There are no words necessary.  But it's the exact color of Tiffany & Co. boxes, I'mjussssayin.

5. My hubby- My heart just melts!  I walked in on this little scene the day after we got Max and he cried on and off most of the night= very little sleep for the rest of us!  I guess these two just had to catch up on a few zzzzzz's.  Precious!


Anonymous said...

I've lost 12 pounds on the new Weight Watchers points plus! Good luck. Let's share tips: )


Nicole said...

Love that nail polish. I'm always looking for a new shade!

Leah said...

Your pup is so cute, my boston is my pride and joy!

Beth McC. said...

I am with you I have been working hard on saving money and it feels great!!

Seek First said...

Love that polish. and saving is hard, but so worth it!

I have a fun rosette headband being given away, you should come wi1n it! (and you wouldn't spend a dime!)

Amy Rene said...

good luck with Weight Watchers! it's a great program! Stopping over from the link-up :)

{I'm hosting a giveaway that ends Friday & would love to see you there! amyrenepowell.com}

Brittany said...

I have that same color nail polish and I love it!

Where did you move to in Alabama? I live in Alabama too, in Susan Moore, an hour north of Birmingham.

I am your newest follower. I would love for you to check out my blog and follow back! :)


Sarah said...

Good luck on Weight Watchers! Good for you for starting :) And, have SO MUCH FUN with your Mom! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!

Julie said...

Proud of you.....hugs.

Lindsey said...

Who makes that polish!? Love it! And that lasagna looks amazing!!