Big Surgery Day :(

Just dropped this little boy off for his big surgery today.  No puppies for us in the future!  I hope he does ok, he's getting the rest of his shots and a microchip during the surgery too. Poor little guy :(  He has to stay until about 5 this afternoon so I'm taking advantage of him being out of the house today!

Got my first Weight Watchers weigh-in in just a few minutes, hope it goes well.  I did really well this week, followed the plan perfectly.  Makes it a lot easier with a husband who supports me and eats my Weight Watchers conncoctions and tells me they're delicious.  :)

We had a great visit with my mom, it was so good to have her here.  Macey was crazy-excited when she walked through the door and slept with her a couple of the nights she was here.  We got a pedicure, went shopping, and made it to the Farmer's Market and Cathedral Caverns.  The caverns were awesome!! I wasn't sure if it would be interesting but I was so glad that we went. It was 60 degrees inside the caverns which was such a relief after being out in the 90+ degree heat and humidity.  We also drove through some of the tornado damage close to our house.  It's really humbling to see these foundations that used to have houses on them, makes you think twice and count your blessings.

Outside the opening of Cathedral Caverns

Looking out from the inside...awesome!

Driving allllll over being a tourist, caught a pretty sunset :)

Some tornado damage near our house

Just a few extras :

These 2 went to Chili's back home & sent me their pic :)  Course I was there in spirit!! Miss you two!!

Found this pic on my phone.  Taken @ Lindsay's wedding, haha, love my family :)


Emily said...

What a cute pooch! I love. :) xx

Melissa said...

Poor little guy! What a sweetie, we have a sweet little dog named Macy as well :) Hope you have a great Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

awe poor baby!
i would be a nervous wreck!
he is too cute!

Erin said...

Nice work on Weight Watchers!