2 Dinners & a Love Note

I'm rounding up Week #3 doing Weight Watchers and made two very good dinners last week.  First up was some "homeade" ;)  spaghetti sauce made in the crockpot served over baked spaghetti squash with a side of ricotta cheese.  Very good!  5 points for everything!

Next was Barbacoa Pork served with Cilantro-Lime Rice & Black Beans.  One word...yum! It was 13 points for everything but very good, will definitely be making it again soon.  The pork was made in the crockpot but it wasn't one of those sit and cook all day long kinda things.  There were a lot of steps involved but it turned out good.

So Baron always asks if I've blogged lately and I didn't really think he paid much attention but last week when I opened up my little Weight Watchers food journal look what I saw.

How sweet :)  He's gonna be mad that I posted this picture :)
Yesterday we celebrated our 3 month anniversary by eating breakfast at 10:30 and watching 48 hours Mystery shows all day :)  Eventually we got dressed and went over to one of Baron's old coworkers house for dinner.

Hope you all have a great week! It's my birthday week! Yay!

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That's so sweet!