Birthday Photo Dump, Speeding Ticket, & Allergies

How's that for a whole bunch of random?  Let's start at the beginning of the week, shall we?  I was coming home from my Weight Watchers meeting last week (I lost weight and reached my first "mini-goal" yay!), crusing down the highway at 70 miles an hour, being passed by a ton of people who I'm sure all were irritated at the person with the Florida Gator's sticker on the back that was slowing down to find her exit. Then I saw the lights...

Wahhhhh! Insert tears.  I was seriously mad that I've driven for 11 years and never gotten a ticket, then I move to Alabama and am crusing along at what I thought was the speed limit and ooops, you're actually 20mph over! Holy cow.  Apparently the whole speeding ticket thing is a lot more serious here than in Florida.  You can't take online traffic school, only the ones that the court offers.  Oh and P.S. the class costs $150 on top of the ticket price. I felt like the biggest loser ever.  I can't imagine how real criminals feel.  I'm off to the courthouse on Monday to get it all figured out, I wanted to take care of it sooner but it takes 5 days just for your ticket to be in the "system". Ugh.

My 26th birthday was on Friday, I'm on the short bus to 30 now!! Had a good day and Baron came home with flowers and a Diet Coke...ahhh perfect!  He left me little surprises to find during the day while he was at work too. There were several cupcakes harmed in the two days that were my birthday celebration...all points were counted but I'm a tad nervous about weigh-in on Tuesday. Here's some pics...

Macey has had several ear infections in her lifetime, usually I'll just flush her ears for a couple of days and she'll be back to normal.  This week she got one that I couldn't get rid of after a few days and it appeared to be really bothering her.  We went to the vet and he thinks she has allergies.  She's been licking her feet constantly and said that it usually shows up in a dog's ears and feet :(  She got a steroid shot and some meds for her ears.  We're hoping it's just a seasonal thing, but the vet said that a lot of dogs have problems here in the "Tennessee Valley" because there are a lot of inhalent allergens here.  Hmmm.  Guess this sweet girl's allergic to Alabama.

Sister is now eating and drinking like it's her full time job!! She's been kind of a finicky eater these past couple of months but we decided to get the huge bag of dog food when we picked some up tonight...I'm thinking we'll go through it quick and Macey's gonna have to start working out with Momma.

Here's hoping for a better week this week!! Hope you all have a great week! 

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