State Park & Bang Bang

We have a pretty neat State Park near our house but it's been so hot out lately that we haven't been able to explore much.  We drove up on Sunday and just kinda drove around inside the park.  I think it'll be fun to go when it's a little cooler and take the dogs for a hike or something.  It was really pretty.  They also had cabins you could rent that appeared to have AC and a bathroom!  Now that's my kind of camping!

Nothing new going on here.  Baron and I both did well with Weight Watchers this week.  Stuck to our points and got some good work outs in.  I go to my meeting in a few hours so we'll see :)  I made a version of Bang Bang Shrimp last night like the kind from Bonefish and it was really good!  Not fried and not the exact same as the restaurant version but it was pretty close.  I got the recipe from skinnytaste.com.  I've only tried a few of her recipes but they've all been very good!  I recommend you stop by and try some of them.

Bang Bang Shrimp, Butternut Squash, & Salad

I was going to try to post some pictures of the State Park but can't seem to get them uploaded :-/  Will try later!  Hope you all have a great Tuesday!  

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