I can't believe that we are two days into September!  Where did August go?  Heck, where did March, April, and May go?!  I think to say that Baron and I have had an eventful year is an understatement, it has been a great year and we are coming out on the other end still smiling which is what's really important.

I told myself I was going to by a new workout shirt when I lost ten pounds.  I couldn't really find one that I liked, so I decided to cut my hair instead.  I know, the rationale really isn't there ;)

Please excuse the cellphone-self photos.  I apparently have no shame.

Can you say SHORT?! I think I love it, but I'm not sure yet.  Usually takes me a day or six to decide whether I like a haircut or not. 

It's Friday and it's a three day weekend! Yay!


agalandherdog said...

LOVE it!

Jane said...

It looks so cute!

Julie said...

Absolutely love it......very very cute.

Hope the dogs (and you guys) are doing well.

Sarah said...

You know what? I like this better than a new workout shirt :) This haircut only looks good on some faces and you totally have one! Seriously, this is ADORABLE on you! LOVING IT!