Pickin' Cotton

I don't feel like there is much to write about these days.  It's still good to be home with my husband and the dogs and get back into our routine since being in Florida.  The husband is good, the dogs are good, nothing new with me.

This past weekend we drove around and looked at some neighborhoods in our area.  We found one that we both really liked but there was no one in the model home for us to look around.  We did our best, sneaking through the backyard gate to peep through the windows and explore.  Sometimes it's so frustrating to track down someone in these new construction communities to get more information.  I mean, what if we wanted to buy something today?! Too bad, I guess.

While we were driving around we noticed that all the cotton in Alabama must've started blooming while we were out of town.  It's so neat! The fields almost look like they are covered with snow.  Baron stopped so I could pick some, don't tell the farmer!!

I've had a artsy steak lately and made a wreath for our frontdoor which I probably shouldn't post on here because if I know you in real life I may be sending one to you for Christmas or your birthday! Hope you like it ;)  Haha!

I finished this one just in time for the Florida vs. Alabama game this weekend. I'm hoping none of my lovely neighbors decide to hurt my pretty wreath made with love and about 1 billion straight pins. It's a standout decoration in a sea of "Roll Tide" garbage.


agalandherdog said...

Love that wreath!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE this wreath -- I need to make one!! GREAT job :)

Lisa D. in FLA