Root Canal

I survived my two hour drive down to Birmingham to get a root canal.  It was far easier than I expected but it's still a little sore.  The doctor I saw was wonderful and I think if I could have the option to get a root canal instead of doing laundry every week I'd be putting lots of miles on my car to Birmingham and back ;)

On the weekends we've continued to look at neighborhoods and model homes and are overwhelmed with information.  We are lucky that we aren't in any kind of hurry and the home prices here in Alabama are very low compared to other parts of the country.  Seems like every day we learn a little more about building a house.

In the past week or so I've submitted a couple of applications to various places around town.  No bites so far, but none of them were jobs that I was terribly excited about anyway. Praying that the right thing for my family comes along.

I finally remembered to get my camera out and upload the pics that I took while in Florida.  I only got the camera out once and took pics of the dogs.  Oops. 

3 BT's...can you handle it??
Max was just thrilled to have 2 new dogs to play with

Meet Cooper.  My parents got him a few months after I got Macey. 
They loved Macey's personality so much that they wanted a
Boston Terrier of their own. Let's just say Cooper is way different!

This is Duncan.  He's an almost 5 year old 1/2 Lab, 1/2 Poodle.  He's very sweet
but sometimes we think he was deprived of oxygen at birth.  Macey <3's him.

My sweet girl.  She just loved being at home with her Grandma. 
Much love!

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Julie said...

Glad your root canal was not awful.

Macey is such a poker face.

All 4 dogs are adorable.