Fire in the Kitchen!

Oops, I did it again.  Burned up another potholder.

Let's start at the beginning.  I decided to make a "Sunday Dinner" of sorts and bought a whole chicken to cook.  So in a side story I'm reading the instructions and it says "Remove the giblets and neck and discard."


So while gagging, I went at the "cavity" of my chicken with a pair of tongs and retrieved the giblets and immediately discarded them as ordered.  Next was the neck.  I quickly located the chicken neck and tried to pull it out with no luck.  I had to take several breaks because I didn't want to toss my cookies.  At long last, I realized that the neck was still attached so I just pretended it wasn't there and went about my business.

I got that beast in the oven and when my husband got home his first words were "Wow! It smells like Thanksgiving in here!"

The finished product :)

Fast forward a few minutes and I'm bringing some water to boil on the stove for some rice.  Baron and I are talking in the kitchen and then he yells "Woah!!" and pushing me out of the way.  I turn around and he's slapping a potholder against the stovetop.  Apparently I had left it on the stovetop and turned on the wrong burner to cook my rice.  Oops.  There was quite a bit of smoke and dripping plastic for the amount of damage that it did.

Oh well, there goes my I <3 Pyrex potholder.  It was getting dirty anyway.

My heart was still racing for a few minutes after the incident and Baron looked at me and said, "It's okay, everyone makes mistakes."


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