Linking up with Jaime for What I'm Loving Wednesday.  It's kind of a dreary day here in North Alabama, so it's time to think about the things that make me smile :)

- I'm loving snuggle time with Macey.  She's been kind of clingy lately for some reason, but I won't complain about it!  Max starts obedience school tomorrow morning and I'm thrilled!! I hope he learns some manners :)

- I'm loving that it's almost time for Thanksgiving!  We are meeting both of our parents in Georgia for Thanksgiving weekend, we're gonna stay in a cabin on a lake with all the dogs.  It'll be a blast.  

- I'm loving my latest Pinterest craft.  Have y'all been on Pinterest.  Don't.  It's addicting!  I got a styrofoam pumpkin at Michael's and a little puff paint and voila!!

- I'm loving my latest Weight Watcher creation.  Flatbread pizza for a total of 7 points!  You can put whatever you want on it, this one was turkey pepperoni and yellow peppers.  I've eaten this for lunch for the past 4 days, lol!

- I'm loving my hard working husband too! I really miss him today :(


Kait @ Mrs. DIY and the tennis guy said...

Pinterest is very addicting! I try not to spend all my free time on it, but it sure is hard! I love your sweet pups- they are adorable!

Happy Wednesday!


This Ordinary, Everyday Life said...

That pumpkins is adorable! and yeah pinterest is addicting!!