Every Day is a New Obsession

Seriously y'all.  About every 3 days I think of something new to obsess about over our new house.  First it was bonus room upstairs or not.  Next was tile or hardwood in the kitchen.  For the past few days my new obsession has been paint colors.

And FYI we decided on the bonus room upstairs and continuous hardwoods everywhere except the bedrooms.

Onto paint colors.  Here's the deal.  We are allowed to choose three paints colors total for our house.  I kinda wish that would've said just one because lord knows I can't make a decision to save my life.  So we're thinking of choosing a neutral beige-ish color for everywhere except our master bedroom and dining room.  We figure down the road we can paint the bedrooms/bathroom/office easily enough.  The master bedroom and dining room both have these beautiful pain in the butt to paint tray ceilings in them that I would hate to have to repaint any time soon.  Let me see if I can find a picture:

Ok, so you get the idea about the trey ceilings in the dining and master bedroom, right?!  I guess we could paint it at some point but I'm not really thinking that's gonna be a fun task.  Sooooo, that's why it's so important to choose a great (neutral) color for now!

Here's some colors that have been on my mind:

Behr: Anonymous

Martha Stewart: Gray Squirrel

Behr: Mocha Accent

Behr: Porpoise

I always thought I would have a red dining room but after watching a bazillion epidsodes of House Hunters it seems like red might be not as in as it used to be.  I know, I know, we should choose what we like but it's so hard.  I've seen lots of grey inspired rooms on Pinterest and I really love the look of black and white and grey with a POP of color.  Who knows, I may revert back to red when it comes to decision time!

I'm kind of leaning towards "Mocha Accent" for our bedroom, it looks like a warmer grey color and I think it is a good mix of girly and masculine.

If we choose one of the more traditional grey (lighter) colors we may paint one of the bedrooms grey and use it for a nursery at some point.

Now for the rest of the house...

We're looking for a warm, neutral, beige/taupey color for all of the house.  More brown undertones than pink or yellow.  Does that make sense??

I'm kind of at a loss for this.  I'm hoping that we can just choose the same paint color that the model home was done in because I'm overwhelmed about how to choose the perfect neutral beige color for our entire house!

Any thoughts? Any terrific paint colors that I should take a look at?  I'd like to steer clear of blues, greens, and purples but other than that I'm game!


Holly said...

Oh man I am SO bad at choosing stuff like that! I seriously would close my eyes and stab in the dark!

lori said...

i love the gray squirrel and mocha accent. the last one may have a bit of a blue/purple tint, or it could just be my computer...

but i definitely agree that the neutrals are more in... i used to work for a restoration business and thats what most people are going towards now.