Thanksgiving in Georgia

This year for Thanksgiving we drove down to Blue Ridge, Georgia and met both sets of our parents for a weekend in the mountains.  We stayed in a fabulous cabin on a beautiful lake that had tons of room for all six of us and our four dogs (my mom's dogsitter flaked out at the last minute).  It was hectic and fun!! 

Let me introduce you to Duncan and Cooper, my parent's dogs.  Duncan is a five year old Labradoodle and might possibly have been oxygen deprived at birth.  Cooper is a three year old Boston Terrier with an attitude.  His hobbies include winning lots of blue ribbons at agility competitions and growling at people.

We thought that the cabin would be a ton of fun in the summertime too! There was a boat dock and swimming deck attached to the house (well about a gazillion stairs down from the house).

My Dad was just in heaven.  You see, he really loves Boston Terriers, or as he calls them, BT's.  I got Macey and at one point my Dad called me and asked if I would ever consider giving Macey to them.  When I said NO, they got their own BT a week later.  That's Cooper!

My Mom's Birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year!  We had Pecan Pie instead of a traditional birthday cake, we brought all the stuff to bake her a cake but after seeing 6 pies in the fridge we vetoed that idea.  Maybe next year you'll get a cake Mom!

It was so nice to have time to see both of our families without making a whirlwind trip of it.  We played several rounds of Catchphrase, drank some wine, watched some football, and pigged out!

My Dad was begging for a picture of all the "BT's" and this is the best I could come up with for him. My Mom-in-law took a bunch so hopefully there's one I can frame for my Dad.  He's a little strange, what can I say?

My sweet little boy did great on the trip, took him a day or two to master all the stairs and he even scaled the mountain a time or two.  He loved running around with all the big dogs and both my pups were pooped when we got home.  Macey loved getting to see all the Grand-paw-rents (I crack myself up) and got lots of cookies.

In other news:
The forecast is calling for it to snow tonight. ACK! I have enough food to last a few days and am planning on staying inside as much as possible.  I have no clue how to drive in the snow!!  I bought the dogs some jackets because they start shivering like crazy when we go outside...this should be interesting!!!

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Amberly Enich said...

You were close to my neck of the woods! We are only an hour from there!