First Alabama Snow!

Y'all, it's SNOWING!! I've been on "Snow Watch" since last night.  The forecasts were calling for snow starting at about 8pm, I stayed up til 1 with no snow sightings and woke up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6:30 to peek out my window.  Imagine my despair when I saw just a bunch of rain and wet grass.  How disappointing!

I wrangled up the dogs and as soon as I stepped outside, the snow starting falling!  It was beautiful!  I haven't seen actively falling snow in years and I was just like a kid in a candy shop watching it fall around me.  Unfortunately it wasn't enough to get any pictures but I'm so excited to have some snow white days in our future!  Couldn't stay out long though because I'd get pneumonia.

Oh wait. I already have it! Ha!  Baron and I finally went to the doc last week and he thinks we both had pneumonia.  Sent us to get chest xrays and we got some antibiotics and are feeling SO much better now.  I can't wait to be 100% again, it feels like it's been a month!


Amberly Enich said...

IS that how much snow yall got? Its been snowing in North Ga all day but it isnt sticking!

Brittany said...

I was so excited, but we got nothing :(

Brekke said...

Amberly- No, just a stock photo off of Google ;)

Brittany- Does it normally snow where you are? I was SO excited, can't wait for the thicker stuff!