Monday Already?!

This weekend seemed to fly by for us!! We spent a lot of time discussing options for our new house and driving around looking at brick colors.  I think we've decided on a color for our brick, shingles, and all the trim!

On Saturday after watching the Gators lose (boo!) we jumped into the car to go take some Christmas pictures.  Lemme tell ya, a self timer, high winds, and Baron and I being the subjects just really isn't pretty. I think we got one or two useable pictures from the dozens we took. Here's a hint:

I think we picked a good day to go take our pictures because all the fields around us were being harvested, and the field we took our pictures in was being harvested while we were there.  Don't worry, the giant tractor was cropped out.

After our quick photoshoot, we headed home to get ready to go watch the Huntsville Havoc play some minor league hockey.  I don't know a dadgum thing about hockey but Baron used to play a lot so he 'splained it to me.  I'll break it down for you.

- There are 2 blue lines on the field, the players can't cross the line unless the ball puck crosses it first.
- They also can't just fling the puck down the field willy nilly.  If they do, and the other team gets it first then they have to have a faceoff right next to their own goal.
- The plexiglass around the ice is breakable.  Yeah a huge chunk got broken and flung into the crowd during the game.
- They're fights build up like a buncha middle school girls.  Seriously. 

At one point I was all, "What's going on?" because the game stopped and everybody just stood around and looked at each other.  Then Baron says, "I don't know, but there's about to be a fight."  And I'm all, "How do you know?!" and then after what seemed like five minutes, the players took off their gloves and asked their friends to hold their earrings, the fists started flying!  That excitement didn't last long, and there was no visible blood so that was kind of a bummer.  Oh well, they have a lot of home games this season so maybe we'll go back for some Jerry Springer-esque drama!

Happy Monday y'all!


Jane said...

Bahaha I so feel your pain, it's so, so hard to get a decent photo of my husband and I. We only had one option for our Christmas cards this year. Oh well. haha I can't wait to see how yours turned out!

Amberly Enich said...

There is nothing prettier than a field of cotton!

I've never watched hockey but I've always wanted to!