Well it's Wednesday already, time to link up with Jamie to discuss all the things that bring us smiles on this rainy Wednesday!

First of all let me give y'all a fair warning.  The plague has hit our house.  Baron and I have been sick for almost two weeks now on and off.  I keep thinking we're getting better but we've progressed to the coughing stage of the game.  Baron's is worse at night when he's trying to sleep and mine is terrible when I first wake up in the morning.  My poor hubby didn't get a wink of sleep last night.  Every time he'd been quiet for long enough for me to think he'd fallen asleep he'd start hacking up a storm again.  After I fell asleep it seemed like I'd wake up every 20 minutes hearing Baron cough or coughing myself. 

This is our first round of us both being sick since we got married.  It's not really that much fun!  I'm by far the worst patient.  Baron complained one time that he wasn't feeling well TWO weeks ago and hasn't said another word about it unless I ask him.  Me?? Well I've been complaining about it since I got sick. Wah, wah, wah!

Okay onto to brighter topics:

- I'm loving that we picked out our brick color for our house!  We were instructed to drive through another neighborhood that was built in it's entirety by our builder and choose three different brick colors that we liked.  These are our choices (I don't know who these houses belong to, but there's no identifying road signs so I think we're legal, right?! Ha!)

Brick Color #1- We really loved this color since the first time we saw it.  It's not too red, but it still looks like a traditional brick color.  We like it with the dark colored roof and beige windows.  When given the choice between white or beige windows we thought immediately that we would choose white but after seeing the white up close, it was a little too white.

Brick Color #2- We liked this one but think it would look great with a
darker roof and the same beige trim and windows.

Brick Color #3- We also felt this one would like nice with a darker roof and beige windows and trim.  The difference between brick colors #2 and #3 is hardly noticeable so it might be a coin toss if our first choice isn't available.

- I'm loving that Thanksgiving is right around the corner!  We're doing Thanksgiving with my parents and Baron's parents.  I can't wait to see everyone and have a few days of fun together.

- I'm loving that our Christmas cards came in already.  I'm trying to wait to start writing them but I may not be able to much longer...I just love Christmas!!

- I'm loving my hardworking husband.  He's had to be at work at six o'clock every morning this week and is running on little sleep.  Hopefully this weekend is full of sleeping in and relaxing!  I sure do <3 him!

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Courtney said...

Wow, you are WAY ahead of the game with Christmas cards! I haven't even ordered mine yet and I'm starting to get anxiety about it =)
I'm a fan of the darker roof too by the way