2011 Recap

What a year it has been!  2011 has been the happiest year of my life, I married my happily ever after!!  We've been through a lot of changes this year and we are both so excited to be ringing in 2012 here in Alabama, together!

Here's a recap of our year in pictures (mostly by iPhone).  Whew! I'm tired all over again!


1st- Rang in 2011 watching fireworks in downtown Jacksonville with Baron and one of my best friends, Ashley.

Macey didn't like the fireworks :(

4th-  Baron popped the question (and I said YES!)


14th- Macey Valentine turned 3!


21st- My last day of work in Labor and Delivery.  Such a hard day for me, but I am so thankful for all of the experiences I had there!  After I got off in the morning I headed home (where Baron met me) and packed up all my belongings to move them into Baron's apartment in Gainesville.  Can you say tears?

23rd- Baron and I make a road trip to Alabama to explore and find a place for us to live.

25th- Baron's 28th Birthday!! A low key dinner celebration while we were apartment hunting.

26th- We signed the lease on our new apartment "home" in Alabama.  Whew, what a relief!!

27th- One of the worst outbreaks of tornados in years took place while we were "house hunting" in Alabama.  Spent a very scary day in our hotel lobby with no electricity and lots of nerves!

The weather before it got too crazy

Baron and I huddled up in the lobby of our hotel.  Tryin' to keep smiling!

29th- Made it home just in time for Baron to walk across the stage (with his PhD!!) in Aerospace Engineering! 


5th- Headed to Charleston, South Carolina with two of my best friends for a little Bachelorette getaway!

21st- Our Wedding Day!!

22nd- Headed to Alaska for a blissful two week honeymoon with my love <3


11th- My best friend got married in Jacksonville! Got to hang with my friends and family one last time before moving to Alabama.

My ''little'' brother ;)

I <3 my family
12th- We finished packing up Baron's apartment and started our trip to Alabama.  Goodbye Florida!!

13th- Finished our trek and made it to our new home.  The first day in our new apartment:


3rd- We added a new addition to our family, Maximillian!

7th- My friend Ashley came for a visit!

18th- Started Weight Watchers...hellllllllllo healthy eating!!

28th- My Momma came to visit for a few days!


26th- I turned 26 years young!  Another low-key celebration, man we're gettin' old!!


11th- My best friend came for a quick visit and made a road trip all the way back to Florida with me!  I spent a week and a half in Florida with my family while Baron was in Maryland for work.  I got to see lots of friends and family but wasn't there long enough to see everyone.  Can't wait to go back!


October was uneventful.  We continued house hunting, training Max, and trying to eat healthy.


9th- We submitted an offer to build our dream home.

10th- Our offer was accepted and we are under contract!!

My future kitchen :)
Our empty lot
23rd- We met both of our families at a cabin in Blue Ridge, Georgia for Thanksgiving.  Spent a wonderful few days together and had a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner if I do say so myself.


17th- Max graduated from Obedience Class! 

Pin says, "Recall Race Champion"   

And now here we are, about to celebrate our first Christmas and New Years together! Thanks for being so good to us, 2011!!


Julie said...

WOW!!! What a great year.

Ashley said...

Your year sounds just as crazy fun as mine!!!! A new house?! I am jealous... :)