Christmas Catch Up

Hi blog world!  Long time no talk, sorry bout that!  I'm back, thanks to my hubby who did surgery on my computer for me.  Baron got back into town on Wednesday night, just a few days before Christmas, and we had a wonderful first Christmas together.  We even got to Skype with both of our families for a little while on Christmas Day :)

Here's our Christmas season recap:

1) We drove through something called "The Galaxy of Lights" on Christmas night to see a great light display!
2) @ the Galaxy of Lights
3) On Christmas Eve we drove downtown to a Christmas Tree display, it wasn't as impressive as we expected, but we thought this tree was cute.  Notice the rocket?
4) We drove around on Christmas Eve and found a house with a light display synced to a radio station with Christmas music.  Disney makes us feel closer to home :)

1) What's Christmas without bright, red nail polish?!
2) Hot Chocolate...mmmm!
3) Puppies waiting for Santa
4) Lots of naps were taken :)  I think we slept for 2 hours on Christmas Eve. Oops!

The pups got a lot of cookies from Grandma and two Gator jerseys to wear for the bowl game! Go Gators!!

On Christmas Eve, Eve (you following?) we made Hot Chocolate in our Moose Cups and watched the National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Hilarious!

And on a culinary note, we had pizza on Christmas Eve (kind of a tradition in my family) and I made stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer. They turned out great! Got the recipe from here: Stuffed Mushrooms.  Then I added some turkey bacon to the filling and slices of grape tomato on top. Yum!

I also wanted to make one of the traditional goodies for Baron that my mom used to make with us when we we little.  We used to always make "Rice Krispie Wreaths".  Except you use Corn Flakes.  Well I forgot the green food coloring and found that it was nearly impossible to shape the gooey mass of cornflakes and marshmellows so we just had Christmas Balls.  Wreaths are so yesterday.

On Christmas we decided to make Gnocchi together. Turned out great, took us about 2 hours to make which is nice because sometimes Christmas afternoon is kind of...boring...gasp!

On Monday (the day after Christmas) we woke up bright and early and headed to Target, Hobby Lobby, and Walmart for some after Christmas sales.  I wanted to pick up a few decorations that I'd had my eye on all through December.  We were lucky and I found everything I wanted for at least 50% off, woohoo!!  That afternoon we headed to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center.  Baron was in heaven and I thought it was a lot more interesting than I expected ;)

And that's it folks, that's all the pictures I took.  Don't judge that the majority are from the iphone. I'm a bad blogger. 

Coming up this week on the blog:
- Talking about a vacation that's coming up...(I'll give you a clue, it's COLD there!)
- Sharing some fun Christmas gifts
- Getting back on track with Weight Watchers (cue scary music).

I hope you all are having a great *short* week back at work.  I'm still cleaning up from Christmas and today will start with laundry. Oh my word, the amount of laundry!!

Have a great last few days of 2011, kiss your husbands, and drink lots of water!

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Ashley @ Sweet Tea In Sicily said...

Yay for computer surgery!!! :)

and p.s. I have been to the Space & Rocket Center! I have family all around there.... :)