Finally 21

Good evening readers!  I writing you from my couch, snuggled up with my two pups, "Peppermint Snow" candle burning, tree lit, and having just hung up the phone talking to my two best friends at the same time. Sweet!

I went to a Weight Watchers meeting at a new location this morning.  This meeting was a lot closer to me and started earlier in the day which is nice because I can get my day started earlier who am I kidding, it's nice because I don't eat anything before I weigh in and I'm usually about to fall out so the earlier my weigh in is, the earlier I can finally cram some food in my mouth.

So the new meeting must've brought me some skinny vibes because I was down another 1.2 lbs! Yay, my total so far is 21 pounds.  I've kinda been up and down a lot the past few weeks because the holidays are screwing with me but I'm getting there!  If anything I know I'm doing better than I would be if I wasn't do something.  Wow, that makes NO sense, ha!  I just mean that I'm focusing on my eating habits and even if I only maintain my weight through the holidays I'm okay with that. 

Baron and I refer to life before Weight Watchers as us being fat and life now as us being skinny.  I hope we weren't really fat before we started eating healthier and I know we have a ways to go before we're actually skinny, but you get my drift.  It's just our thing.

So the other night we were laying in bed talking about our new house.  I told Baron how excited I felt when we signed the contract because I could really picture our kids running around and I could actually envision scenes from our future childrens' lives playing out in my head.  He reached over, grabbed my hand, looked into my eyes and asked, "Were we skinny?"


The end.


Julie said...


You were, right?

Brekke said...

Of course!! Haha!

♥Jess said...

A Accessory Swap is FO REALLLL happening over at my place.