Pup for Rent

See this sweet girl here?

She is my heart <3

We've decided to rent her out, however, to pay for her new doggy food.  Rate is negotiable, but she is sure to be loved by you and your family!  A great companion, snuggler, and she snorts often. 

I mentioned Macey's struggle with allergies in this post.  We've had to go back for a few more steroid shots since I wrote that and they seem to be becoming less and less effective.  Not to mention, I don't think it's good for her to be on steriods for the rest of her life. 

I've been reading a lot about dogs (and Boston Terriers) with allergies and a lot of people have had success in switching their dog's food to something grain/gluten free and with limited ingredients.  We settled on this delicous choice:


It smells sooo bad.  Like I have to hold my breath whenever I feed Macey, but I'm willing to make some sacrifices if it helps her itchy little feet.  Not to mention the price of this pretty little bag.  Umm yeah, crazy.  She's now only getting grain-free, gluten-free, chicken-free treats (sorry Grandmas!).  Basically her treats are sweet potato and ______ (lamb, beef, duck, fish, yuck!)

Dogs are not liking the weather dipping down into the 20's (!!) at night! I finally found them some sweaters that are easy to put on and actually fit them snugly (<-- is that a word?) enough to keep them warm.  So what if we get made fun of on our walks?  It's gonna be a cold winter for us Florida peeps trying to figure out how to live in Alabama.

Hugs your dogs, pay your bills, and wear your seatbelt,
Much love-


Shrimp and Glitz said...

Aww! Our little boston terrier has allergies too and we have her on that same food! She also takes medicine to help her... she itches ALL the time! It must be a boston terrier thing because our last one had it too - though I wouldn't trade them for any other type of dog!! They're the best! :)

Jane said...

Oh no! One of my dogs has a sensitive stomach, and the other sensitive skin, so the vet recommended a special diet for them and holy cow we would have gone broke on it! Thankfully, my Mom's vet recommended I try something else with a slightly lower price tag (thank goodness) and it seems to be working. But, I really don't think there is any cost worth the health of your dog. You're such a good puppy mama!