Right now...

... I've got a few candles burning to totally make our home smell like Christmas!!  Oh and the green "Pine" candle is not the same one I mentioned the other day.  I could fill our whole apartment with Christmas tree flavored candles.  I love Wal-mart candles! Yes, you heard me right.  I can't stand shopping at Wal-mart but I made a trip today to pick up some holiday candles.  Y'all...they are 5 bucks and actually smell up your house!  No more spending crazy amounts of money on Yankee Candles, okay well maybe only sometimes.


...I've got a little bit of this in my coffee cup.  I'd never tried the International Delight brand before, usually just grab the Peppermint Mocha creamer from Coffeemate.  Lemmetellya, you're gonna need to seek this one out.  I almost put a straw in the bottle.  It is that good.  I'm gonna buy some to freeze because of course, it's only seasonal. Boo!

... I've got my volume turned all the way up on my Michael Buble (Holiday) Pandora station.  Ol' Frank is serenading me right now and I'm not sure this song could be done any better.  I just loooove Christmas music!

... I've got these babies baking in the oven.  I try really hard to be a good wife :)  I think I found the recipe on Pinterest, which linked me to this blog.  She's got several healthy recipes on her site, the ones I've made have all been good!  These Chicken & Cheese Shells are 9 Points Plus for 3 shells.

We had talked about going to see Breaking Dawn tonight but after a pretty crazy week we decided to have dinner at home and watch a redbox movie in our pj's instead.  Sounds good to me!  Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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