Tis the Season!

Last night as I lay in bed and yanked the covers back from my husband I got to thinking about all the times that I never thought that I'd have a husband to steal my blankets.  You know girls, or most of you do anyway, the nights that you thought you'd never meet the one and you'd spend the rest of your life alone or with your 32 cats.

I got to thinking that a lot of time we tend to think about all the things that we don't have instead of focusing on the things that we do.  It is easy to get caught up in whatever season of life we're in and wish for something more, but it's important too, to look at the things that you can't get back after the seasons change.  I would never want to go back to my single days because I love my husband more than anything.  I love knowing this one person will always be on my side no matter what and knows exactly how to love me in any way I need.  It is a wonderful feeling knowing that no matter what my day brings, when I go home my husband will hold me and do his best to make things better, BUT I should've enjoyed spreading out and taking up the entire queen size bed to myself  ;)

Often when I was single I would wish to have someone in my life.  Once I had someone in my life, I wished that we would be married.  Now that we're married, I find myself thinking of  babies. (Sorry Baron!!)

I guess my point is that I'm going to try to focus on the good parts of whatever season of my life I'm living in at that very moment. 

When I was single for example, I should have relished in the fact that I could eat cereal and Lean Cuisine's every. single. night. if I wanted to.  No one would ever steal my covers, and I could go three days without washing my hair!

Now that we're married and without kiddos,  I should be relishing in the 8 full hours of sleep I can be getting every night, or the fact that we can travel (easily) to lots of places, and we can be selfish and totally put ourselves first all the time.

Wherever you are in life right now, enjoy it.  If you're single, married, have a newborn at home, dealing with teenagers (at least you don't have to change their diapers!), or retired, try to enjoy the things that only come with that specific season of your life.  I think we would all be happier if we could do that.

That's all my couch talk for the day! Happy Thursday!

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SweetTeaInSicily said...

Hahaha I saw that you're a new follower... I grew up ALMOST in Alabama (Tallapoosa, GA... right on th GA/AL line) so I HAD to do some stalking... but I LOVED this post. So cute. I can definitely agree with everything you said! I did the same thing... wishing myself from one phase of life to the next... but looking back I should have just enjoyed the moment. I'm definitely just enjoying life right now (or trying to at least!!) I can definitely see how "unanswered prayers" are some of the SWEETEST gifts ;)

btw, definitely your newest follower!

-Ashley @ Sweet Tea in Sicily