What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! Linking up with the beautiful Jamie to discuss all the things I'm loving today!!

- I'm loving that Baron got home last Sunday and we finally got to decorate for Christmas!  I loooooove Christmas decorations, but I left a lot of stuff with my best friend when I moved from Florida.  This year the plan is to be low key and buy some new stuff to use in our house next year on the day after Christmas. Yay!!

You better believe I've been burning this bad boy since December 1st! Mmmmm!

Our itty bitty tree :)  I got this for Baron's apartment for our first Christmas
when we were dating.  He wasn't going to decorate. GASP!!

- I'm loving that Max graduates from obedience school tomorrow.  Well, we hope anyways.  He's gotten noticeably more well behaved but he's by no means an angel.  Oh well, he's cute.  I'm debating on whether or not to enroll him in "Advanced Manners". Ha!

So studious!
- I'm loving that our Christmas cards are all done! Just gotta get some stamps and drop them in the mail :)  Will post a picture after I've sent them through the mail.  Don't want my Mom to get a sneak peek! :)

- I'd like to say that I'm loving that we signed off on our house plans yesterday but....we didn't.  We were notified that our plans were ready to be reviewed so we met with our realtor and the realtor for the builder and none of the plans that we had wanted were shown on the plan.  The only thing that was added was our addition of a bonus room upstairs.  Soooooo, back to the architect they go and now we wait again. ***Trying to be patient!*

Judging from the barking that's going on in the other room, I'm thinking Max will be enrolled in his next obedience class by this afternoon.  Waiting on my hubby to get home then off for a little Christmas shopping! Yay!


agalandherdog said...

Have fun Christmas shopping!

Julie said...

Max looks wise beyond his years (er months), in that cute picture.