Still Waiting

On Friday I overcame a big fear and learned to like sushi!  Some new friends, Amanda and Stephanie, invited me to their favorite local sushi spot for lunch and promised that I would change my mind about how I felt about sushi.  I admit that the best place to try sushi is probably not the premade stuff at Publix. 

Our spread
We ordered several rolls that were cooked and a few that had some raw ingredients.  I started with the cooked ones and worked my up to the rolls made with raw salmon flopped on top :)  They were all good!  Baron will be so happy that I'll eat sushi with him now!

I received a call from our realtor on Friday afternoon that all the problems that I had discussed in this post had been resolved and we simply had to sign the plans and drop them off at the builder's office.  Which is what we did...that night...at 11 o'clock!  We just wanted to be able to say it was finally finished!

Fast foward to the next morning, when we get an email from the builder's representative.  You know, the one that we've kind of clashed with from the beginning.  Well, she says that the builder didn't agree to us having the original floor plan and that we'd still have to take 6 inches off of every room, or pay $5,000 if we wanted the rooms to be the size of the ones in the model home.  UGH.  Our realtor was told by the builder that it wasn't the case and they were going to cover the cost for both of the things that we were upset about.

So more phone calls, texts, email with our realtor and we're still waiting to get a final response.  It just seems absurd to me that we've agreed to pay for a bonus room on top of the price of the house and it was never mentioned that we'd have to cut down the size of all our rooms in order to not have to pay for the extra square footage that the stairs would add to the house.  People...you have to have stairs to get to a second floor!!  Not to mention that we've had three meetings to review plans and all the plans we've looked at had the larger square footage and the addtional cost was never mentioned until this last meeting when we were ambushed.

We are frustrated and tired and so, so thankful that we decided to work with a realtor.  I can't imagine all the ways that we would be taken advantage of if we chose to do this all on our own.  Sure, we could've fought these battles on our own, but it would've taken twice as long and I can't imagine how much more stress would be involved!

On Saturday night we met some friends downtown to watch our local hockey team play.  It was a lot more crowded than the first time we went to a game, apparently it was "free jersey night" for the first 1500 people.  Unfortunately we didn't get the memo.  The fights were a lot more frequent and it was hilarious to watch the crowd go wild when a fight broke out.  Kind of made me feel guilty :)

We had a low key weekend getting ready for our upcoming trip to Salt Lake City!  Trying to round up all our cold weather gear and make sure we have all the dogs' stuff together.  I've found a great place for them to be boarded while we're gone and I plan to take them for "daycare" one day this week before we actually leave them there for a few days at a time.  I keep reminding myself that they are dogs and not humans.  I just want them to have fun and not be scared while we're gone. 

Hope y'all have a wonderful week!


Anonymous said...

The more you have sushi, the more you'll love it! I bet you'll crave it sometime soon and want to go back!

Brittany said...

This sushi looks amazing!!