Well all the Christmas decorations are put away and it feels like the holiday season is over.  It always feels like it goes by way too fast.  We had a great Christmas and New Year's even though we didn't do anything too exciting.  Baron is back at work today so vacation is officially over.

We're meeting with our realtor, the builder's representative and the architect today to (hopefully) finalize all our house plans so that we can get this show on the road.  It's been almost two months since we signed out contract to build.  After we sign off on our plans then we have to schedule an appointment at the "Design Center" dun dun dunnnn.  Apparently this is a several hour long appointment where we select all the different colors, finishes, etc. that we want in our house, and apparently they won't start construction until we've been through the design center.  It's a little bit frustrating because we'd thought we'd be done with all that already.  Hopefully today we can finally sign off on the plans and then we can schedule our appointment to pick everything out.

Random: I made another delicious recipe from Skinnytaste.com the other night and I think you should try it!!  Thai Chicken & Pineapple Stirfry.  I left out the hot pepper and used soy sauce in place of fish sauce, and Sweet Chili Sauce because I couldn't find the pineapple dipping sauce.  It was sweet (and spicy too, beware!)

We tried using chopsticks but let's be serious.

I hope to make several new recipes this week to help get out of the boring-weight-watcher's-food-veggie burger-rut.

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Jane said...

Ooo that looks delicious! I definitely want to try that. Eeek I am so excited for you two building your own home. I've always thought that would be a cool experience. That way you get everything you want in a home.