It's been a year!

Hey y'all!  Another way random post comin' at ya today, but that's how my brain works.  Baron always says to me, "Brekke, you switch topics so fast that I can't keep up!"  Haha, c'mon rocket man, I can assure you I'm not talking rocket science! 

- Yesterday the sweet, Amanda,  from Kevin & Amanda invited me over to meet some of her girlfriends and have a Chocolate Taste Testing and Painting party! How fun!  Stephanie from All Artful taught us how to paint like professionals.  The amazing thing was our paintings all turned out great!  Amanda just got back from New York and had a bunch of chocolate for us to taste test.  Helllllllo, cheat day!

My finished painting!

- Our meeting with the architect yesterday went great!  They had fixed everything that we had issues with and we should get to finally sign off officially on Friday. Yay! Enter panic mode, because that means we'll have to make all the decisions about color and such very soon after.  I can't believe that we'll be living in our first house this year!

- A year ago today I was driving to Gainesville to visit Baron.  When I got to his apartment there was a note on the door that said this...
"Dearest Brekke,
Meet me at the location of our first kiss.
Love, Baron"

So I drove like a madwoman to this little chapel on the water where I knew I was gonna run in and find him.  I got pulled over on the way, started sobbing and told the guy, "I'm about to get engaged!" and he let me go (thank you officer!)  I ran up to the church and as I opened the door about three or four people walked out together and were smiling at me.  One girl even had tears in her eyes.  I looked inside and saw Baron all dressed up standing at the altar.  I ran down the aisle to get to him and he said all kinds of nice things, then got on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Reinactments of the day :)

- I heard about Free Crappy Portraits from several other blogs that I read and just had to send in a photo.  Seriously, I love this picture, and I don't think it's crappy at all!! Captures us so well.  All you have to do is send in a picture with a short description of the people in the photo.  Here's what I wrote:

"Baron is a real rocket scientist, like too smart for his own good. Brekke is a "Domestic Goddess" at the moment. We just moved to Alabama from Florida after our wedding in May. We're both big Florida Gator fans. We love our two dogs, Macey and Max (both Boston Terriers, one black and one brown), and we're both kinda miserable right now because we're trying to lose weight, haha!! Baron likes flying remote control planes and checking up on the stock market (boooooring!) and Brekke enjoys learning to cook, blogging, and obsessively painting her nails. Oh and she drinks A LOT of Diet Coke."

We're featured on their website today, go check it out and get yourself one! I seriously want to have this framed!

Happy Wednesday y'all! I hope the rest of the week is good for you!


Julie said...

WOW Great Blog! Great Painting (inspired by chocolate). Adorable drawing.

Congratulations on the “I DO” Anniversary.

What a great year !!!!!!

Julie said...

Ooops....meant to say congratulations on your “YES I will” anniversary.

Anonymous said...

Brekke-- love your story and the the cute animation they made for you. When I saw your pictures I was smiling happily--- I LOVE the Baughman Center (I work at UF!) and think it is one of the loveliest "secrets" on campus.

Love your blog (found you from Amanda & Kevin's blog)

Lisa D. in FLA