Happy Birthday Macey!

Happy Monday y'all!  Another week is upon us and Valentine's Day is tomorrow!  Tomorrow is another very special day in our family.  Macey turns 4 years old!  Both our pups were born on minor holidays (Max was born on Cinco de Mayo!) which we think is kinda neat.  There respective holidays match their demeanor perfectly.  Macey is a calm, loving, sweetheart of a dog that most everyone loves when they meet her.  Max, on the other hand, is a non stop "fiesta" and brings the party/chaos wherever he goes.

Macey likes to remind Baron that she was here first.  Like when she's sitting next to me on the couch and Baron wants to sit down I can practically hear her saying, "Move along, bud! It was just me and Mommy before you ever came along."  I'm thankful, though, that Baron loves Macey as much as I do :)

Just wanted to share some of my favorite pictures of Macey, if you don't like cute Boston Terriers, you should probably stop reading now ;)

May 21, 2008- The day I brought Macey home @ 11 weeks old (I got married exactly three years later on this day!)

Such a little diva :)

Macey's 1st Birthday, my best friend and I had a party for both our 'girls' who were born 2 weeks apart

Doesn't everybody have a party for their pups?! Ha!
My mother in law did a fabulous photo shoot with Macey for Christmas one year- My all time favorite photo of her :)

Macey on our trip to FL in September, I think she was happy to be back in the Sunshine State!
 Some people just aren't dog people so they'd never understand how much joy a sweet puppy can bring to your life.  Although the vet bills, late night walks, additional dirt in the house, and waking up early to go outside hasn't always been fun...I wouldn't trade her for the world.  For a while, it was just Macey and me.  She got me through so hard times and has been around for the best ones too.  I just love my sweet girl.  Happy 4th Birthday, Macey!


agalandherdog said...

Too sweet! Happy birthday, Macey!

Julie said...

Precious, precious baby girl......

We love you.