Little Pick Me Ups

Hi friends!  I've seem to come across a bit of a writer's block so I thought I'd share with you some things that have popped up around our apartment lately. 

First, let me give you a little backstory.  When Baron and I moved to Alabama, I brought no furniture with me! I only had a few pieces of furniture that I owned and my best friend bought them off of me for her little sister when I moved. I was happy to oblige because the thought of moving it all to Baron's apartment in Gainesville for two weeks, then moving it all to Alabama made me a little queasy.  I was all about downsizing when we made the move.

Baron, on the other hand, had lots of furniture! It's a long story about how he acquired all these pieces, but boring.  Let's just say he was blessed with matching college apartment-esque furniture all free of charge.  We agreed to not buy any new furniture until we get into our new house. 

I am not a decorator.  I wish that I had that touch that could make house, or apartment rather, feel like a home.  I'm not entirely sure what I'll do when we actually get into a house and I'm faced with the decisions of how to decorate.  Guess I'll worry about that later ;)  I do however, like to shop!  I've picked up a few things recently, and repurposed other things to try to spruce up our little humble abode.

Ahhhh, my honey's old comforter used on the bed in our guest/office/storage room.  It was boring and dark and sad looking.  I watched an episode of Dear Genevieve (HGTV is my new BFF) and she broke down how to spruce up a bed by just adding a throw and a decorative pillow.  I never would have thought of that and that bed would have sat dark and dreary all covered up in geometric patterns with no break had it not been for Genevieve. I've been window shopping for bedsets because when we move into our new house we're gonna need something to cover up the plants when it freezes!

I picked up these couch pillows just yesterday and haven't decided yet if I like them or not.  The coloring is a bit more muted in real life and there's a bit of green in the pillows that matches the dark green couch.  I'm leaving the tags on for a few more days to decide it I actually like them!  I've been looking for pillows since we moved here and because I can't make a decision about anything to save my life, the couch has remained naked since June.

This is my most favorite thing that I've purchased in a long time!  It a wax burner that I picked up at Walmart for 15 big ones.  True story!  The wax cubes that you use with it are only two dollars a pop and they are wonderfully fragrant!  I don't have one of the more expensive brand wax warmers, but I've heard that this bad boy totally levels the playing field!  Go here and check out all the cute little designs they have! Baron says that they all remind him of urns but at least they smell good! 

This cute little wooden tulip set I've had for years and just brought it out of hiding.  I bought it at a little street market in London.  One of my best friend's and I traveled to London and Paris for about two weeks all by ourselves back in 2008.  It was the trip of a lifetime and we had so much fun!  Quite the adventure, but those are stories for a different day!  There were tulips everywhere that spring and I was so happy to find a set to buy and bring home on the plane with me!

Tulips in Hyde Park

Ashley and I with Tower Bridge pictured in the background

Ice Cream while sitting underneath the Eiffel Tower...check it off the Bucket List!
Photo by my friend Ashley :)

That's all folks!  I hoped you liked the mini-tour of randomness today.  Thank goodness I've got my Emergency Kit all put together because we're expecting some nasty storms later this afternoon.  Hubs, if you're reading this, come home before it gets scary!!

I hope you all have a blessed Wednesday!


Jane said...

Ahh ice cream under the Eiffel Tower looks amazing! I love those quick fixes you can get from something as simple as pillows. I totally did the same thing with my pillows, kept the tags on until it was past the return policy at which point I decided I really did like them haha. And, I am so glad you got one of those Walmart warmers. I've been really wanting one of the expensive ones, but didn't really want to spend a fortune on basically a candle. lol Good to know the cheap ones work too!

Julie said...

Absolutely love the wooden tulips. All of the pictures look very ‘put together’ so I think a designer dwells quietly inside of you. Love the wax warmer, too.