Happy March!

Well folks, it's the first day of March!! Do you know what that means?  Spring has almost sprung! Hooray!  Spring is the happiest time of the year; Beautiful weather, beautiful flowers, beautiful babies.  Ahhh, everything is just a little merrier during springtime.

The weather in North Alabama is beautiful today!  Our current temp is 68 degrees and I've got all the windows open enjoying the sunshine and cool breeze.  It's hard to be in a grumpy mood when it's this pretty out. 

Nothing more to discuss today. Sorry! Here's a cute picture of the pups I took yesterday:

Don't worry, Macey doesn't need Doggie Antidepressants, she just hates having her picture taken.  She's definitely not cut out to live the life of the rich and famous.


Julie said...

What a pair.....Precious pups!!! Show them the top picture and make sure they appreciate that they do not have an outfit like that.

Recently Roached said...

Oh my word. How stinkin cute! :) Happy March, Brekke!

Megan said...

Haha, my hubby and I always joke that one of our pups needs meds for depression! But I swear he's happy...he just makes sad faces sometimes!