Weekend Recap

Hey y'all! We had quite an eventful weekend and Baron even had a surprise three day weekend! We were expecting rough weather on Friday afternoon so Baron went to work that morning to try to get a few hours in before the storms came through.  I sent Baron this picture and said, "We're ready for the tornadoes!"

Well imagine my surprise when at about 9 o'clock I heard tornado sirens!  I flipped on the TV and was instantly sent into a frenzy!  We were under a tornado warning and the weathermen were calling for people in my area to take cover.  I grabbed the dogs and my phone and hopped in the bathtub.  I called Baron and because they were reporting a tornado between the two of us, he stayed put while I waited in the bathroom with the dogs.

It was really scary and I may or may not have been crying on the phone with my husband.  Finally, after the worst was over, Baron raced home and we were glued to the TV for the rest of the day.  There was a break around lunchtime with no storms so we drove out to check on our new neighborhood and grab some lunch.  When we drove past our lot there was a huge truck dropping off a dumpster and a Porta-Potty!  The first action on our property, hooray!

There was another strong string of storms that went through that afternoon but thankfully we were safe.  I cannot wait until our storm shelter is built!!  This was the view from our apartment right before the second string of storms came though.  We were really lucky!

On Saturday we had plans to drive to Birmingham to see Flying Monsters at an IMAX theatre there.  Baron had the opportunity to help in the production of the film about two years ago so we were excited to see the finished product.  We had lunch at The Fish Market, in downtown Birmingham and it was really good!  It's hard to find good seafood in northern Alabama but we were impressed with this place.  Did it help that everything we ate was fried? Probably.

The best fried pickles I've ever had! Yum!  Baron was excited to see his movie!!

After lunch we headed to the theatre and settled in for the movie. Unfortunately none of the parts that Baron worked on made the final cut but it was still neat to see the final product, since he had gotten to see behind the scenes!

Sunday was a very lazy day, Baron made breakfast and was in the kitchen for a looooong time just to make a bagel, but I understood when he came forth with this little masterpiece.

How sweet!  I hope you all have a great Monday! 


Katie's Kollections said...

You're breakfast is do cute! What a creative husband you have.

Megan said...

I'm glad y'all are okay! The picture of the dogs in sunglasses is really cute! And girl, you made my stomach growl with that food. YUM!!