Weekend Wrap Up

Hey y'all!  Well it seems like the once a week updates will have to do for now, at least until I get into some kind of routine with my new job.  I made it through my second week of working 8-5 and I'm so glad to be done with that! I may not think the same thing when I wake up at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning for my first 12 hour shift though!

I work Tuesday, Thursday and Friday of this week.  Here's hoping for a good one!

Baron and I had a low key weekend.  After working Monday-Friday for the past two weeks I feel kind of torn on what to do on the weekends.  Part of me wants to lay in bed all day and not think about a thing, and another part of me wants to get up early and run and play all day long!  We had a good mix of both this weekend. 

Lunch with friends, brunch at a cute cafe, exploring our new house, going to the dog park, and watching lots of House Hunters= a great weekend!

We took the dogs to the park yesterday because they were needing to let some energy out after being couped up all week.  Max had a great time and Macey....well we're never really sure if she's having fun or not :)

House Update:

This past week has been so exciting as we watch our house literally going up before our eyes!  Amidst the excitement, there has been a lot of stress as well.  We've found several things that have not been built correctly including, a TV box above our fireplace, a missing door in the Jack and Jill bathroom, the landing of our stairs isn't built per the plans, and there was supposed to be a big bench seat in front of one of the windows in the bonus room which isn't there. Ugh.

The most disappointing thing, however, was discovering that our entire roof had been shingled...in the wrong color! Ugh.  They gave us two choices, grey or black.  We chose black, clearly chose it.  I have pictures of some of the roof/brick color combos that we chose in this post.

So here's a picture of our grey roof.  While waiting to hear a response from the builder about the wrong colored shingles, we noticed another problem!  Look closely at the picture above.  Do you notice that the left side appears to be a tad darker than the right side?  It makes me want to scream!!  If they didn't think that they'd be replacing it, then there's another thing coming because that looks absolutely ridiculous and it's not even the right color in the first place!!

I know that this will all work out and eventually we'll be in our home with all of these little mistakes being a distant memory.  Right now, though, it seems like it's a never ending array of problems and that nothing can be done correctly. 

I hope you all have a blessed week!!  Think of me this week, would ya??  I'm nervous about heading back to work.


Julie said...

So sorry that the house building is still such an aggravation. You are lucky that you are right there to catch the mistakes. Other than the shingle splotch it sure looks good on pictures to see it under roof.

Let us know how this round turns out.

I guess we should just assume that that is Macey’s excited and happy face.....haha.....She is such a sweet dog that I suspect she is almost always really happy (just not for the camera).

lori said...

oh i would be so mad about the roof. you get them to fix it and get it right, girl! i am sure it is so frustrating and stressful building, but i bet it will all be worth it! and they do seem to be moving really quickly.

agalandherdog said...

Good luck this week! Sorry you're having so much trouble with your house!!