A Sweet Birthday

My sweet Macey turns five years old today!  I can't believe that I've had her for five years, it seems like just yesterday that I brought her home as a sweet little rolly polly pup. Happy Birthday sweet girl!

"Mom, this look a lot like a Valentine's Day cake."
"Yes, in fact, I'm sure this is a Valentine's Day cake."
"Valentine Schmalentine, can I have it now?!"

Happy Birthday Sweet Macey

Baron and I are also celebrating our fourth Valentine's Day together.  I've always loved Valentine's Day, even back when I was single I enjoyed celebrating this holiday of love.  Baron surprised me with a bunch of chocolate and sweets, along with a beautiful bouquet of roses and tulips (my favorite!).  Apparently he also has another surprise in store for me this weekend. I'm no good at the waiting patiently thing. I've got a hot pink sweater to put on and I think we'll go for a quick lunch together today. I have to work tomorrow so we don't feel like fighting the crowds tonight; I guess that makes us old married folks now.

Sweets for my Sweetie

I got Baron a chalkboard mug that isn't dishwasher/microwave safe. I'll let you take a guess how often we use this one! Ha!

Let's see how long I can keep these puppies alive
 Baron, I love you so much! I'm so thankful to have you in my life. You are the perfect balance to all of my craziness and I wouldn't want to do life with anyone else. Thanks for making this Valentine's Day so special! -xoxo

I wish you all a sweet Valentine's Day today!  If you're single do something sweet for yourself today, you deserve it! And if you have a special Valentine in your life, let them know how much you care.  Hope this day is fabulous!

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